So basically you're telling everyone you own shares in a company you don't believe in, in my books that makes you a hugely stupid individual.

Have you ever conveyed your trepidation to Tony or any of the management or BOD members of Route1?

Or do you just bellyache on a bullboard?

Do you understand the lifecycle of a business? If you're unhappy with management contact them and have them explain to you what their intentions are and where they see the business going then if you're still not happy sell your shares and move on to a company you're happy with.

This constant whining just make you and flubber and simon look like idiots surely you can see that.

Would you wear shoes that were too small and hurt your feet or would you buy ones that fit or would you continue to wear the shoes that were too small and complain they hurt your feet? All the while your friends laughing behind your back saying and thinking what a dolt you are for not just fixing the problem.