Kooolned instead of wasting your time and energy hammering flubber why not turn that critical thought toward ROI's management team. I have been a share holder and a member of this board for over 3 years and the story has always been the same. Just wait until next quarter, just wait until we win the next RFP. Enough waiting - a quick review of the board shows numerous links to organizations that have been compromised/hacked and yet ROI cannot benefit from these perfect market conditions.


ROI doesn't even need to create the market - the market for their technology is being created daily by the press.

Which brings me back to my earlier post on why ROI continues to under perform?

i) does the street not understand their business model (unlikely b/c it is similar to almost all subscription based technology companies)

ii) is the sales team under performing (likely however they report to mgt who bears respondsIbility for this failure)

iii) is management doing a poor job communicating to the street what ROI does and ensuring they have the right team to take advantage of this unprecedented market opportunity (with out a doubt)

Note this was written on my iPad and likely has the occasional spelling mistakes.