Flubber, you make some very good points. Firstly for those omplaining about Paradigm bailing, lets bring some realty to this. They sold how many sahres? around 200,000 at 4.5 cents is what? $9000 big ones. Wow thats bailing. By the way its not Paradigm selling, its a client, just like a client of TD, RBC, Haywood, Cannacord, Scotia. I agree with your comment on the CEO. Its time fro a change and if the board isnt talking about it now, then they are not doing their job. Its clear the CEO cant close on business. He will point everyone  to the deal just before xmas as proof, but really the company has the same amount of subscriptions as they did when CEO took over 3 long years ago. The CEO will always say its not his fault because that is who he is.