In the 2 + years I have owned this stock 2 things have been consistence:

i)  Tony's promise that things are about to get better

ii) The steady decline of the stock price under Tony's leadership

Presently ROI has the perfect environment for selling subs with all the ongoing threats of hackers and breaches of companies networks. It boggles my mind how ROI continues to underperform under Tony's leadership.  From my POV 1 of the following must be true:

i) the technology is garbage (unlikely given the US govt contracts)

ii) the market does not see a need for this technology (unlikely given the number of widely puplicized security breaches both of fortune 500 companies and government organizations)

iii) management is in effective and needs to be replaced (most likely the case)

hopefully the board and other instructional shareholders share my frustration and make a change at the executive level.  The sooner the better.