RBC is also buying a bunch today....Some people are taking a position I would think.  I will see if I can pick up a few more cheapies at these prices,I don't think they will last. With that ever growing list of channel partners, all selling Route1 security solutions, directly to government and the private sector. Adoption will be easy.

Right place right time. Industry and governments are being hacked hand and hand. This is a matter that they can't  ignore. A Power stations was shut down for weeks, insane. They are looking for a solution, now. The US DOD are finding a solution in Defimnet. A new Defimnet will be up and running in April, for those 4000 new users..That navy ATO that people talk about  is in the bag, they just have more pressing issues these days, if you hadn't heard. The navy is still using their Mobikeys so.  I think industtry will have to do the same. The sky is the limit, even in cyberspace.