at the end of 2011 the stock ended the year at 9 cents. At the end of 2012 the stock closes out the year at .045 cents a drop of 50 %. The 52 week high is only .105 cents. How so many can think we it was a positive year for ROI share holders is unknown to me. Of course it was a positive year for Tony as he collected that excessive pay check for a stock that dropped 50 % for the year. He will continue to collect that massive salary as the stock will continue to fall, eventually hitting that penny buying opportunity.

  Good job ROI management for fooling so many investors into thinking this would be a stock to own as was the case in 2011, 2010 and the years under Mr White. As analysis have continued to say over the years-Great product but the company can't deliver an this is proven after another year.

  Bottom line SIMON has been right and TONY with his tweet about 2012 continues to be wrong, as the stock closes a penny and a half above the 52 week low. But look on the positive side it is only 6 cents below the 52 week high, which soon will be .045 cents.

  What will be the difference between 2012 and 2013 ? Nothing, as they will both be failing years for Route 1. Still waiting for Tony to walk away to spend more time with the family and check out further opportunities. Can't wait for this announcement.

  Everyone have a great night and continue to dream that one day Route 1 will touch 5 cents once again.