everything is so positive we end the week the same as last week .04 to .045 cents. Of course we ended up a half cent above last weeks close, but only a penny and a half off the 52 week low. Do you really think next week is going to be the shining star week for Tony and his tweet about 2012.

  Oh well failure continues to win out as usual with ROI and nothing really changes. Did anyone see the number of shares bought as part of the buyback plan that was going to increase shareholder value? Didn't think so.

  Couldn't even hit 5 cents. But does that really surprise anyone. 

  Well, will wait for the next tweet that someone will post from Tony as to how well everything is still going and not to worry as the company is doing fine at .045 cents.

  Can it get any worse? Yes it can and it will after the new year if not by years end as I still wait for that sudden drop to a PENNY.