I got an answer from 5i and it was positive and negative which didnt help me at all. They new companies that trialed prior to impovements and it was not secure enough but with Government this should not be an issue as it is good enough for Protected information. Company secrets and formula's take a lot of proof prior to someone saying that it provides the ultimate security level required as this is what makes them informaton so they spend millions on their mainframes which they are not too willing to allow any remote access. They employ the best and I still believe if the military and homeland security are investing and buying more by the way could be expanded. I see the bids have popped a whole half cent but still do not know what way to go. 5i did say they rally liked management, thought they would need another financing, and did not like shares outstanding (which is my main bugaboo and why I want a consolidation). JMO but Buy at these levels remains imo Jim