Now that is the post that I wanted to see. The security system being used for remote access to DND mainframes is technology (from a bankrupt  company)  that is so old it is nearly the same as the helicopters that the Navy (senior service ) uses. Unless the Canadian Government starts to seriously limit access to mainframes by using up to date equipment there will no longer be the requirement for spies as countries will just use the access to these to understand and follow security plans of that country. The serious part of this is no one will ever know other than the hackers.

It is time to equip our people with technology that matches security requirements. A Mobikey costs approx 300 dollars and an uniform or a pair of specialized boots or gas masks the same. Yet the Government likely spends the equivalent of 500 dollars a year in kit.. Why not give them a plug in device that is secure and also has security limitations on the access to information that they require. You could post routine orders and general information so that all have access from their home computer. Any compromise would come back to that disc and military police could handle. I believe it would clean up a lot of general problems and alleviate the requirements for multi million dollar contracts (now this could be a reason the Government doesn't want it).

Tony's views reflect a lot of others and until the Government steps into the 21st century they will be stuck using equipment that was developed by companies like Nortel (who have had patents distributed and bought). This is scary in itself.

Now lets go into the bigger thing Corporate Espionage. Although not talked about enough it is the growing industry out there. Compnies that have been big Governent sponsors are clawing back investments and are in serious jeopardy of becoming irrelevant because they did not pay for new up and coming technologists and technology. They looked after the bottom line and like the military did everything with the least amount of investment and payment as thy could. Now patents are in themselves requiring protection so they do not let others duplicate.

Sometimes I think greed is the worst thing in the world and I do believe  freedom is the best. After all that is what our forefathers and mothers fought for. We have been spoiled for a lot of years but just recently lost a lot of brave men and women in Afghanistan  The commitments our sailors,, soldiers and airmen make not being home for months at a time operating with half the numbers of 20 years ago is extraordinary.

Wake up, security is more of a requirement than ever before. What would the cost of the new aircraft (75 or so) be - 80 billion. What would the cost of security to every soldier be and ability to know exactly who compromised anything, the immediate ability to cancel a persons access, the creation to allow a person only access to the mainframe they required. Let see 65,000 x 200 = 13 million dollars a year

What would it cost to provide all reservists (civians) 30,000 x 200 = 6 million. Now with that said do you wonder why the US Navy, the Department of Homeland Security and others are trialing and swithcing to our technology.

I have to believe Try to Make a Buck nailed it earlier and Tony and company are in heavy negotiations at this time. JMO of course and likely totally mad but well worth a hope and a prayer. One announcement could baloon this by 30 to 50 times.