I would like to agree ttmb but would factor in decreasing selling cost and then also decreasing in manufacturing cost. Our patents alone make us worth 10 times the value right now. Just seeing what other technology companies are getting and what Kodak is going to get it sure makes one think that this is crazy at this level. Now lets see what we can do with tablets and other formats coming down the pipe. I would like to see the next generation Mobikey also be an anti-virus security provider while using the device you are on much like Norton or the likes. I am not sure how this would work but when you have it plugged in on your notebook it would be the only security program required. A conjunctive benefit and very attractive to the average consumer. Just another pipedream I guess. Anyway the patents are already wort 10 cents a share minimum in my books. Wi-lan is another good prover of patent worth.