Joe and Simon have me on ignore. I was going to take a hiatus but these fools are something else.  They are actually day flippers who post to make profits. They know when a solid stock is going to go up and whio is sellimg for tax losses. They do ths for a living and usually on large volume held stocks. They can trade hundreds of thousands of shares and as long as they make .005 a trade or even a penny they make a nice profit. They are also to stupid to know what they do to the market. he key to beating then is to keep buying and holding. Eventually they will trade themselves down to non profit and go on to the next one. I would really like their identities to be exposed. i will supply mine to the company any day of the week. JMO but seeing I get under their skin and they are working overtime I decided to keep posting until tax loss selling is done on the 20th. After that there is a #) day waiting period so expect companies like Brant and others to buy back at this time. This is a pretty usual move at this time of the year and big holders usually let the company know prior to selling with insurances of rebuys. Thus you will insider buying. For those that dont know I do work for the military and I have no access to insider information. I just think it makes sense. I wish I did know more but when you live in a small town and don't work with IT you do not here the rumours. I have been here for a few years now and still think we will eventually be a major player in the world of Canadian security. JMO Jim