I guess you are having difficulty what I said is I have a bid in at .04 that continues and I will buy as we go up. It could be Monday but I do not feed flippers that unethically post. I actually surprised you haven't referred to ROI as part of the doomsday on the 21st of Dec (lol), but then again you would not be able to save me. I think the Mayan calendar was actually telling us that the world is changing and security is more important than ever. Oh I am laughing while I type this as I think it is particularly good seeing you guys with the crazies and chanting don't buy but sell us your cheap shares. Cheers to all and with that I go on another hiatus from posting with the fools. I enjoy relevant posts and will continue to read, so Thank You posters who keep me in touch with the truth. JMO but when Simon decides I should be on ignore I know something very good is coming and he is scrambling to insult. C'est le vie. Jim