I purchased Thur and Fri and still have a bid in at .04. How is that for you. I will also buy as we go up - until I hold the position that I set for myself and that is none of your business but it is between 200,000 - 2,000,000 shares.  I make decisions and know the risk and the risk/reward here looks impressive. So lets see how that pan out and yes I will sell up to half my holdings at intervals that I have set. The sells will never be big and they will come on good moving days to ensure I don't damage momentum.. You guys don't need lessons in trading - the only thing different that I can see is ethics. Bashers and people that slander others are the low lifes of boards. I don't mind non positive posts if they make sense but accusations and slanderous comments are unacceptable. in my world. JMO but Moderate Buy may soon be upgraded to Strong Buy by analysts imo. Jim