Looks like Simon has someone getting under his skin, thus the silly threat, as if I care, lol. Flubber are you Simon in drag. How many aliases can you guys have. I have seen your work before Flubber and it really sounds like Simon to me so I guess you are the same guy. I think it is likely worth while following you around to pick up cheap stocks as you guys slander. I still hope the company looks into your names and publishes. I would like to see really how ethical a background you come from. As for my books another good day with a lot of shares trading hands. Income tax selling is only for another couple weeks or so and then it is back up as companies have their tax deduction (wait there 30 days) and low and behold it is coming up on the time the Canadian Government spends money. Ah this is looking great. I guess I will move my other order up to this level. JMO but when these guys that bash get upset they are losing. Makes my heart go pitter patter. Jim