I suspect you have some original thoughts. So why not post them. Eveyone on here is hungry for oringial thought. But what we're getting is a negative drip. We can all do that. The fact that we are invested means that we'ere looking for something postive or something negative with something to back it up. That is incriefibly absent on this board. Just back it up with logic either way.  It really doesn't matter which way but just be truthfull and not have any agnenda other than truth be it postiive or negative. I respect all and so do otheres on this board. I'm sorry but even Simon who may be right from time to time has no itegraty at least on this board. But he may in fact be someone who has leveraged himsself beyond what he can afford. Now if that's right, that's truth! We all know this. So post less but with more substance and be honest.


Honesty and wrong is extremely forgivible.

The other is just cra**


Good luck to you and yours