I agree with you SFord. I am not a big twitter fan and only take it as a passing fad so don't follow it. I am glad Simon has all this time to waste. I have to wonder on his intentions. I see we have picked up some more hitters that are likely his other aliases. It would be nice to disclose who he really is and I would like to see Route 1 follow VMS's path and launch a slander suit against him and his cohorts. Likely a waste of time and resources though as most who have been on Stockhouse for a while have seen it many times (I was posting under Mclacherty) prior to my investment firm not providing it on their site. Ticked me off but that is life.  I would like to see some relevant posts here that actually mean something and no second guessing. Our sales are increasing and there is some excellent potential for this to fly in the next few months. More layoffs at major corporations is not really encouraging but with that said we should see US news pretty soon on the economy and China's industry had a slight rise which was not expected. There are more purchases happening in south American companies and the need for growth in security is going to keep on increasing. I still believe we are going to see some good news prior to the end of the fiscal year from the Canadian Government. At one time he was a good Conservative so with that said I will leave it alone as I am not one but it can prove to be beneficial when you have contacts. Wait for the news and watch what happens.  So tell me what is wrong with our latest addition to the board? What is wrong with bring influential personnel that understand the dynamics of progressing to a mid size company and maybe large. Do you think that a buyout for 80-100 million just to hold the patent rights in these countries is crazy. Do you think Wi-Lan were foolish for patenting technologies. Many more questions can be asked but I prefer to wait for substantial news. By the way we went up today and the negative posts increased, hmmm. JMO but a good day to be a holder of Route 1. Jim

Louis De Jong co-founded Jemekk Capital Management Inc. in 2004 having worked in the securities industry since 1996. From 1998 to 2004 Mr. De Jong was employed by Credit Suisse First Boston where he most recently served as Head of Canadian Equities.

Mr. De Jong began his career in the investment business at Sprott Securities where he was employed as an institutional equity sales person. From 1992 to 1996 he was employed by Bioniche Inc. a publicly traded biotechnology company where he held the position of CFO. Prior to that, Mr. De Jong was employed at Price Waterhouse and was responsible for a number of audit, tax, and financial service engagements.

Mr. De Jong is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (Economics) and a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.