Trading today was strange, millions of share waiting on the buy at .03 so I would think where Simon sits. The ones with the sells on level 2 and buys are both TD. Ths speaks as day trading. That is why I would like to see us consolidate and then do some buying. Simon you said I asked you to talk to Tony - give me a break - you would be the last person I would ask. I am concerned that we are still at this price but I still feel we will have significan news within the next couple of months. We have a Canadian General on the board and an United States Admiral. Our last board member is a very influentual investor and recognized by business throughout Canada and the US. So with that said I will sleep good tonight and not be up at 4 in the morning woking on slamming Route 1. Take a break Simon, did you lose 1000 bucks a few times. How much have you actually made day trading here. As I said ethics. JMO Jim