now the article by Rick Rousos is there any wonder why the ROI stock is sitting at .035 cents.  In the video Tony is not happy that the stock went from about 30 cents down to 4 cents. Well you would think Tony could feel the pain of ROI investors as this stock went from 26.5 cents down to 3 cents. Its not a great feeling is it Tony.

  These two articles surely can't help the state of ROI and who knows what else is waiting to be released that surely won't add positives to the company or anyone of the management team. I'm still waiting for some to walk away in order to spend more time with their families or pursue other interest.

  Does this management team have the capabilities under Tony's leadhership to finally move ROI into the price range many have expected, but been dissapointed with year after year? With the news about the military the stock should have rallied big time but ended up a half a cent but sits at .035 once again. With such a product you would think some major would want to buy ROI an take it to a height that Tony can't seem to get it too, an this would get reflected in the daily price, but its not.

  In my opinion there is a problem that has not come to light at Route 1 ,but what is it? I'm still looking for that sudden drop to a PENNY which follows the pattern over the years set by this companies stock.