Yes, you're right.  The fact that ROG can quickly raise this much money while the juniors are having issues raising funds without having to resort to toxic funding is a very good sign.  At first I wasn't happy to see this dilution but this private placement just reconfirms what many longs on this board already know.  Plus, the money will help fund more aggressive drilling/exploration on the property so it will lead to more new zones being discovered soon.

Toll Cross has been our biggest accumulator for a very long time.  They are the ones whose buying shows up as insider buying (institutions).  Toll Cross was the buyer of most of today's volume.  Also, most of the other agents in the PP have been net buyers. 

Most times the agents doing the PP usually short and cover with the shares of the PP but not in ROG's case as they have been the major buyers for a long time now.

Hopefully we will see management/insiders participating in this.  One last filling up the treasury and smart money's porfolios before a major move up based on an updated 43-101 and more drilling????  I think so.....this should be the last PP ROG ever does as the majors will want to buy ROG this year imo....