I just communicated with the company and here is the information that I received:

There are two shipments of core are in or just arriving in Saskatoon.  This represents the vein intercepts of approximately 50 diamond drill holes.  The company anticipates the first 25 or so to be released  in two to three weeks and the remainder in 5 to 6 weeks. 

The company milestones to look forward to in the coming months are:

1.  A resource calculation due by the end of the summer.

2.  Assay results from the RC program scouting the other 16 geochemical anomalies in the Bagassi   Central area.  There are approximately 80 holes in these other targets.  This will tell us if we have more  55 zones on the property.  

3.  Results from a significant RAB program on both the West Arm underneath Semafo’s new discovery and at Bagassi South where the company has had several high grade hits but also some misses in close proximity to the hits.  The RAB should help better understand Bagassi South and its ultimate potential (which the company really likes  but the 55 zone has been receiving most of the attention so far).