Good to see some good news. If anyone can find a web link for Consolidated Water Treatment of Missouri please post. I cant find them under that name in Carthage, Missouri on the internet or phone directory. I think this is a good plan by the company to focus more on the industrial water instead of the oil and gas which seems to be going nowhere- at least for now. I expect they are going to have to raise more money, I would think we will see a $5-15 million raise to buy this facility and build some units but they  indicated they have debt financing offers on the last conference call. SFS was in bankruptcy and maybe this consolidated water treatment is also in or near  bankruptcy (press release was hinting that). If you can pick up companies that are in trouble and turn them around it is a good strategy. The company way over promised and underdelivered in the past which is why the stock price got so hammered. If they can turn these sites around and make them profitable then we can start to rebuild.