The sky is falling,cried chicken little

All we hear about is doom and gloom or chicken little as you can't help but hear it all over the place these days.[]

But don't let that discourage you as those who don't go off the cliff with the heard will do well in the long run.
If i was a lot younger i would be buying as much of these cheap shares that might becoming due to the doom and gloom ,after research of course and just sit on them for what ever time it takes.
I remember when you could not hardy buy a penny stock at twenty five cents and now i can't get twenty five cents for them.
When gold went up gold stocks would pay much high return's and that's why i never bought fiscal gold.
A 10% increase in gold would drive the gold shares up 25% and more a lot lot more[1000%]
When gold went from $300 to $350 we had a booming gold market.
With the high price of Gold we have now we have not seen that happen.Doom and gloom has scared off investors and the sheep were shorn.

I don't know when,but we will see high prices in the near future for the golden metal
like we never seen before due to the collapse of the monetary system.
Before the top comes we will first sink to the bottom.
I am sure this is not what you's want to hear,but opportunists that take advantage
will indeed line their pockets.

I do hope i am wrong and this is only my opinion and for you to make you judgements.

Remember history does repeat itself a lot,especially stocks.