Was inboxed about my post about averaging down,averaging up can work too if your buy in price was low enough in case it drops back.
Ok example.
You bought say 10,000shares or 10k@.10=$1000+commission[$29 or what ever you pay for commission]  =$1029
Now if it drops to say.07,you now have lost around $300 dollars.
So if you bought 10k@.07=$700+comm$29
you now own 20k at a average of .85 cents
If you bought 15k you average would be even lower and so on.
Now your ready to sell if it goes back up to the ten cent mark for a good profit 30%
Now what if it drops below seven cents after you bought it at that price.
Well you buy more,get it
You must always keep some cash back in case this situation happens,as if you don't you will be sunk before you start,as like rocket ships they all fall back to earth at some point
This is the best method for me to protect my funds
I like to start taking profits at 25% and up.

Profits start at the bottom not the top.
When to buy and when to sell.now that's a separate post.