Deadhead must have posted again,as per the posts i read from others.I have him on ignore [i was 315] because with a person like him or her,they are lacking attention in their day to day life and posting anything just to upset the readers gives them that attention they so long for.I bet he does not even own shares.
Ever time i get a one rating i know were it came from,as i gave him the one finger salute,but that's ok as rating mean nothing on here.
Just be thankful that in real life he is not your neighbor,a fellow employees,
or you are related to him.
He is probably going on about that it will go under ten cents.Sure it could go under ten cents and then it could go to twenty cents
Nobody,i say nobody can predict the absolute bottom or top,that's why you must have a game plan as you can come very close by viewing past history results.

I am keeping cash on hand  in case of these few scenario's
as we never know what could happen.

Bad news
,could drop below the low of the year which was.09 cents this year
Fiscal cliff-it's like the NHL talks not looking good.
Big drop in Gold,which would be ok as it would shake out the shorts and bring in the longs.
War---we don't need this,but usually the prices drop big then go back up
End of the world as we know it[Then cash would not be needed]

So if it drops more i will be buying as they will continue to drill next year,and who knows we might have a stronger market next year,now that the world will not come to a end this year and life will continue as we know it.
Average down is the only way to protect your funds

The single most important concept to learn in regard to the stock market is when to sell.Buying is easy; it's selling that takes a knack and detachment

When they be crying i be buying