For some this is a game. For others its their lively hood. For others yet its their  unrelented ignorant approach  lacking sensitivity of others who perhaps log in these bullboards seeking guidance or timely information.

For those who PLAY the market, that's exactly what is is ; a game. Its not about making intelligent  conscientious decisions but rather being heard because they want to be  known as a player. All the while they are nothing but spectators.

For those who treat the market as a lively hood their attitudes are different because they have a plan. They are not day traders but rather invest in an idea or company regardless of where or how the wind is blowing. They understand that sound decisions require patience and carry the power to impact tomorrow.

Then there is yet another group who are just ignorant in my opinion, who have the  need to voice their opinion, whether unfounded or not, because their approach lacks preparation. These are the ones who always have something to say without any real substance.

As for me, and those who believe in RJK, I believe we fall in the category of   "investor". We may feel we are alone but in reality their is more of us who believe then those who trumpet their disapproval.