Thanks -- here's the key statement "Drilling results to date continue to indicate an excellent correlation with trench intersections, confirming that the mantle mineralization persists regularly in the saprolite zone and continues as proto-ore in the fresh rock." -- that's as good as it gets, particularly when we're only looking at simple 'dig it at the near surface' mining.

I really like the drill result trajectory and this mine is going to be good to go soon. There are still many risk factors of course -- transportation infrastructure, hiring qualified staff, and the darn price of manganese in a sluggish global economy. Nonetheless, all of these items can be addressed once it's proven the mine is fully viable -- and we're very close to this reality. 

At these prices Reunion is an excellent mid to long term investment; but never bet the farm on these high risk, weird jurisdiction plays 'cause there are always a few x-factors in the mix.

Happy investing all and nice work RGD!