That right guys. Rochester is the best producer in the Canadian stock market with 4 producing mines. Look around their is no better investment with this leverage.

Avclair with the investments this year alone $1.8 mil so far by Rochester and adding the value of the mines, land, mill etc is worth 10 times the current market cap. Then throw in the $14 mil in revenue this coming year, those explorers that survive just don't have that. Rochester survived the 2007 crash on lower gold/silver prices and raised 13 million right afterwards. Rochester is still here but with even more developed assets since then.

Also aquiring one hundred percent of San Francisco (which is now already in production) is another smart company builder from the CEO. His decades of experience in Mexico with Luisman, Wheaton River, and Goldcorp are paying off. Thanks for pointing out albeit the obvious Tex.

Also with the 100 percent ownership of San Francisco now with increasing production there this makes Rochester with 3 mines (fourth producing historically produced ore) of developing multi level production. Those new induction furnaces at Mina Real are going to be kept very busy. Now that they are hooking up to an electrical grid there, they also have the opportunity to build a second production center with dore bar production without having the need to ship the ore east to Mina Real. The CEO though has not hinted at that yet, but that would be a logical next step.

On SEDAR: In October 2012 the Company exercised its option to acquire a 100% interest of the San Francisco Property by paying US $1,500,000. And San Francisco has been contributing mill feed for several quarters now.