Uh if they are all the same created several years ago the same IP address and would be eliminated long ago by S/H. Your ids were created in recent times just to bash and since you also included me (with a different date) I am laughing hard at your conspiracy theories. I'll give you a look at your own ids created to "save us". I know they are a group as they always posted as we or us and bought many shares here. Oh that's right you include me too.

Your here for what reason, just like the many other idiots on Stockhouse? Too funny, you post here with your new fake ids more often than shareholders do. You need a real life, you really do. You need big help as your aim seems to save "us" (oops I used the word) from a $12-13 million dollar gold producer and by the looks of the recent overall high volume buying at this level it is falling on deaf ears. LMAO. So you have been asked many times. Do you have a better stock than Rochester with four mines and a three million dollar revenue quarterly stream with this leverage at this price? I know the answer is no.       


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