During the 3rd quarter San Francisco was contributing 30 percent of the mill feed, I wonder when they connect San Fran to the power grid are they considering an induction furnace installation here too? That would quickly give them a second processing site to Mina Real. I know they have the option of building a second mill at Santa Fe, but Santa Fe mine is just 6 clicks from the mill whereas San Francisco Project is 100 km west of Mina Real.

But logically for now since they are shortening the haulage road at San Francisco and are starting to mine deeper power for the basics at San Fran like shaft ventilation, and general power for other mine needs seems to be the direction for now.

The total volume of production at the mine during Q3 was 17,961 tonnes, grading 1.23 g/t Au and 249.43 g/t Ag. 45% of volume was produced from Tajos Cuates, 16% from Santa Fé Project, 9% from Florida and the remaining 30% from the San Francisco Project.