Terry regarding your post regarding manganese. There is lower manganese from the San Francisco mill feed true which has increased silver recovery, but we will have to see what effect smelting will have on increasing recoveries when they switch from precipitate to Dore bar production.  

"San Francisco gold grades reported so far are at 7 grams/t and that would increase gold produced. Also smelting will help purify the gold from the Mina Real from manganese which I think management is also thinking. Dore production from refining precipitate is a great idea, and when they hook to the the power grid at San Francisco that would give Rochester 2 processing facilities."

At Agua Negra area, activities resume through the cross-section near the drillholes cuts NG-07-001 and NG-07-002 with average grades of 7.81 g/t Au and 815 g/t Ag over a width of 2.28m and 7.35 g/t Au and 433 g/t Ag over a width of 1.03 m respectively. There are about 50m more to reach the area