This is historical information from a company news release.  

The Company has identified 26 other vein systems across the Santa Fe property with several vein systems striking greater than 4 kilometers traced along surface. Of note, the "Clavellinos" vein system, at its north end, has a 40 meter wide mineralized alteration zone with three sub-parallel high-grade epithermal veins emplaced within, including a horizon potentially up to 700 meters (twice the horizon found at the Florida Mine). 4+ kilometers away at the south end, the Clavellinos vein system has variable widths between 5 meters and 8 meters traced at surface.

The work to date has better defined the three main vein systems, all of which trend northwesterly and are sub-parallel with some cross veining. From west to east, these are the Jonas system, the Clavellino system, and the Tajitos system.

Of the three, initial indications are that the Clavellino system is the most extensive, having been traced over a length of more than 3 kilometres. The width of this structure varies from 1 metre to 40 metres. At the south end, multiple quartz veins occur over a width of 30 to 40 metres, with mineralization in the intervening wallrocks. At the north end (El Picacho), the vein structure is more discrete, consisting of a 5.4 metre wide zone of silicification.