A C/P is developed to transfer mineral from Hundido, Arrayán, Chalata and Tajos Cuates levels to Socavón level, which is the main level to haul mineral to the surface, in order to reduce the hauling and handling of mineralized material. Also, the expansion continues in Socavón level section at its NW end for the transit small trucks.

Hundido Level

At the Hundido level, working face ("FT") 174 was developed over vein 251. There are other developments in order to recover pillars over vein.

Arrayan Level

At the Arrayan Level, C/P 473 is under development crossing veins No. 1 and No. 2.

Chalata Level

At Chalata level, face 378 NW on La Cumbre vein was developed. Also, sublevel 378 was developed from a counter shaft ("C/P") and the vein is being explored on both ends.

Socavón Level

At Socavón level, FT 428 is being developed, over La Cumbre vein, at the extreme of NW Block C-01 to explore the continuity of the body on that side.

Sangria Level

At Sangría level, the area of projection of bodies developed was reached in the upper level (Socavón) and some veinlets were cut corresponding to vein system No 1. Results, however, have been erratic, moreover, the occurrence of faults suggests a shift towards NE of the main structure. A C/P will be developed to connect to the ramp 594 which was developed on Vein No 1 with very good results.