You can't even handle your finances and are losing your house. Your a fricken joke and probably to your family too. Rochester is the best leveraged gold,silver producer out there obtuse one. Trying to save us from an under a dime gold,silver producer makes you look like you have a nothing life. Quit pretending you know what your  talking about because most of us are laughing at you, and have more personal wealth that you can only dream about. 

Some of us were trading before you hit puberty, and apparently as a typical Stockhouse troll your typical of the few losers that have nothing going in their life. There was another idiot on Stockhouse who died overnight bashing a stock over night and I can show you his obituary. He was even better known on Stockhouse. Stress kills and over what are you trying to accomplish?  Saving us from the best leveraged Au,Ag producer out there. Most of us made mega bucks on CEO Luna's other company involvement (Luisman, Wheaton River, Goldcorp)      

Show us a better gold,silver producer at this price idiot? You can't because you don't know how. Rochester will break a gold,silver and gross revenue records this year and that is before the eventual rise in gold. Oh by the way I'm a CEO of a mid tier (non gold) TSX listed company, and have been in business 18 years.