Hi Fast. Anonymous could also be a private client as there has been no reported fund activity at this point, and that is why I keep checking. Most if not all of the funds bought at .15 and higher so selling at a loss for them wouldn’t make sense this time of year. Insider is always possible so we will have to keep an eye on SEDI.   


 I think this is the most likely scenario is if you were following the trading in recent times and this is by memory anonymous was on a buying spree between .03 to .04 (maybe at .025 as well). They may have got impatient due to the horrendous markets or found greener pastures or want to go to cash.  They may have made some cash. No reason for a rollback as there are explorers with more shares out. Also there are producers with larger floats than this.


As for a financing I have heard they are interested in building another mill at Santa Fe but it is too premature for that until they develop that site further at this time. And Santa Fe is close to the mill. And remember the last financing was NOT offered to the public participated by insiders and closed by them. That is my best guess. Just keep an eye on Insider and fund reports. At this level and at this time considering the assets in several locations others selling at a loss makes no sense. Especially when the next updated report is due, and should get an update on the ball mill and Dore furnace(S).