Tajos Cuates Mine

Hundido Level

At Hundido level, vein 430 was explored in the 370 SE and 354 NW sublevels.

Arrayan Level

At the Arrayan Level, C/P’s 495 and 500 in sublevel 496 on Vein No.1 were developed and mineralized material was blocked out for a total of 18,846 tonnes

Chalata Level

At Chalata level, face 373 NW on La Cumbre vein was developed. Also, in this level, XC 355 was developed until it intersected the La Cumbre Vein.

Tajos Cuates Level

At Tajos Cuates level, exploration work continued over faces and C/Ps on the Huritzi Vein and mineralized material was blocked out for a total of 6,706 tonnes.

Socavón Level

At Socavón level, the La Cumbre Vein was explored through to the face 428 NW.

Sangria Level

The development of the Sangria Level continues. At the end of November, 263m were drifted to be positioned below the projection of the blocked bodies by a development on the Socavón level. A cross-cut is being developed to access mineralized structures.

Tajos Cuates Mine

A C/P has been developed to transfer mineral from Hundido, Arrayán, Chalata and Tajos Cuates levels to Socavón level, which is the main level to haul mineral to the surface, in order to reduce the hauling and handling of mineralized material.

At the Sangría level, a concrete slab has been built through the length of the level and a ditch has been built to channel water coming from the upper levels.