HI GUYS.   Cmc metals {cmb.v] is about 10 cents/share.They are well explained on their bullboard.They have  very rich ore ag grades,the company is just now selling lightly processed ore to China.They also have a second propertyMine/ mill coming online soon. And,Newmont is going to buy the concentrate.So cash flow asap

UC resources is also producing....or very soon to be  4 cents/share

That said,RCT beats them both,hands down  in my very humble opinion

Question...re big gap in asks...to $3.40...i guess as soon as we move up a bit  there will be way more sell orders put in  between. It would be great tothink that the share price could jump very quickly for around 25 cents to >$3 ,once we get to 25cents or so.Can any one explain what this means,please. Does it, reflect a strength of conviction?Or lack of interest?

tx sincerely long,Will