Gina you mentioned that Mina Real has the power grid for the induction furnaces and your probably right. but those historical workings from both San Francisco and Santa Fe were just lying there already mined and sent to the mill.

They must have been using some power source to accomplish this. Perhaps generators or maybe there are old power lines at the two new sites that need to be reworked. (just thinking)

Last year's fiscal 2012 (May 31,2012) production was gold 2,807 ounces of gold and 235,746 ounces of silver. We still need to fix the ball mill but silver production (on pace for 280,000 ounces) seems unaffected. They still keep implying Dore bar induction furnaces as in plural so this remains interesting.

Induction furnaces are typically small ( 4 feet high x 2' x 2' ~) so multiples are possible at the same site (Mina Real) . Mina Real has the power grid to support this as it requires a few hours to produce a liquid for pouring into a mold. Not sure of the power grids at San Francisco (100k west of mill), or Santa Fe mine sites. Santa Fe has the option to build a 200/ tpd mill if successful but they are already transporting historically produced ore to the mill. AND they found gold silver veins just building the road there.





(Jun. 2012 - Aug. 2012)


(Sep. 2012 -Nov. 2012)


(Q1 and ,Q2, 2012)

Tonnes Processed

17,390 Tonnes

17,009 Tonnes

34,399 Tonnes

Gold Grade

1.81 g/t

1.25 g/t

1.53 g/t

Silver Grade

214.32 g/t

216.86 g/t

215.58 g/t

Gold Recovery

92.85 %

90.76 %

92.01 %

Silver Recovery

57.66 %

60.34 %

58.99 %

Gold Produced

941 Ounces

620 Ounces

1,561 Ounces

*Gold Sold

926.866 Ounces

610.236 Ounces

1,537.101 Ounces

Silver Produced

69,097 Ounces

71,554 Ounces

140,652 Ounces

*Silver Sold

67,024.24 Ounces

69,407.840 Ounces

136,432.078 Ounces

Gold Equivalent Produced

2,148 Ounces

1,986 Ounces

4,134 Ounces

Developed Meters

1,295 Meters

1,467 Meters

2,762 Meters

Samples Taken

8,380 Samples

9,092 Samples

17,472 Samples