Well.....it sounds bad when you put like that,at least the vendees are flexible  with terms.I guess.

I  still like these moves, by management. {making dore bars and buying back the jv}

  I am thinking about how these crazy low prices for gold and especially silver,are killing the bottom line.

Imagine if/when silver goes to its rightful level....which i believe,because of non returnable consumption, should be much closer to the gold price!  

I mean ,knowing we have potentially huge leverage to the silver price should count for something ?

AG produced/Qtr?  200,000 ozs X $30/oz= $6 Million,    200k X 35/oz = 7      200k X $38/oz = $7.6 Million

ok one more  :Eric Sprott thought $60/oz was fair market value,about 4 months ago, i think

 SHWING..... 200,000 ozs X $60/oz = $12 Millon.......

  Will Silver explode up in february       ,like  some  smarties predict....see Turd Ferguson metalblog

  Best wishes and thanks to all. Will