I got a call back from Georges Cohen.  Have to say that he makes sense...he's not made his fortune by luck!  he explained to me what we read already that the BoD had decided to let go AG cause simply, it took him to bring the Co from where it was to what it is and it now takes someone else to bring it to the next levels.  he understands that the NRs were not very respectful and simply insisted that the BoD just wanted the news out as early as possibl for the public to know.  he told me and I believe him, that he has a huge interest in getting Robex to succed at a very high level.  He's talked with many investors so far and he told me that all of them were calmer and behind the new management team to support Robex development.  He told me that all paperwork has been provided to all authorities and maintained that THEY were slow!  He expects the stock to trade on Monday.  About the uncertainty he replied that too bad for those that will decide to jump out the boat, with a smile in the voice...  From what I gather from other source, it seems like ther are a couple if not a few NRs in the pipeline ready to go out at the proper timing, but GC hid behind the no disclosure rules, which I respect.  He also mentioned 2 times more than once that the gold was going to be produced by October... he also called Robex a beautiful hidden gem that will be soon better known.

All in all, very positive and I'm fully convinced that we'll see our stock much higher than it was before the halt.

I'm still sad for AG and his dream of being at the top of that one.  GC told me that they both reconciled since a few days and that AG might be helping by some means in the near future.  Can't say more about that.

I think I will be safe for a nice and sunny retirmeent, finally.