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Quest Rare Minerals Ltd V.QRM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s): QRM|T.QRM

Price: $0.52 | Change: $-0.01 | % Change: -1.89%
Volume: 83,840 | Day High/Low: 0.53/0.51 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.03/0.41

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Missing From The PEA

Why didn`t the PEA mention that Becancour could also be used or considered as a `feed processing mill` for other deposits such as the one in OKA owned by Niocan Inc. (NIO)and/or others which are...read more
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My Conspiracy Theory by the powers that be....

It's easy for someone like me to suggest Peter Cashin has to go...bottom line though....he's there because his handlers want him there. My view is that there is a concerted insider effort to besmirch...read more
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RE:RE:The better news will be the day PETER CASHIN is REPLACED

Smart move. Unfortunately I'm all in. A hostage to Cashin's ineptness.  rate and reply
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RE:The better news will be the day PETER CASHIN is REPLACED

My Cash is Out until Cashin is out!  rate and reply
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The better news will be the day PETER CASHIN is REPLACED

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News - Substantially improved PEA on Strange Lake Project

See News Release for more. Quest Releases a Revised and Substantially-Improved PEA Development Plan for its Strange Lake Project Wednesday, April 09, 2014   Quest Releases a Revised and...read more
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The only good news is

Liberals are now back in power, they are mining friendly, This has to be good news for Quest.  rate and reply
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How long has it been since the company made a significant PR? Maybe that's why there is very little interest. Same can be said for all the RE cos.  rate and reply
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Has everyone left this Bullboard?? This stock??  Why so quiet?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Cramer said to buy ?

Needless to say I agree 1,000 % with you about Cashin. More inept than guy Cashin is impossible.  In spite of the idiot though I still hold out hope that the mine and the facility will see the light...read more
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RE:RE:Cramer said to buy ?

Quest is dead dog that just hasn't decided to lay down yet. Peter Cashin is, in my opinion, perhaps the most incompetent CEO of the resource sector. Delay after delay after delay. Over promising and...read more
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RE:Cramer said to buy ?

ohhh yes under $2,,,,,has a better projet than tsm ...recall tsm has 64 ous,,,qrm 67 ous,,, in quebec the govt backing up mining plays ,,,,cash infusions in projects it likes,,,,,its highly suspect...read more
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RE:Government has created freakishly weird markets...

holy cow!, salary  about 300M $/year, that's really 10 times of QRM's current value, and QRM's strange lake rare earth content is far more than China's Rare earth  companies' total content...read more
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CRAMER of the street...cnbc likes QRM

looks like some big news on the way,,,,,buyers moving in.....qrm did a shake out of alot of weak hands.....BOYYAAAAA...cramer never normally touches these small plays unless huge upside in the cards,,...read more
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It's about time BUT

How long will it last before being sucked back down? Been there and seen that. Show us what is going on CASHIN!!! Don't hoard it just for INSIDERS!!!! Time for some insider selling CASHIN???  rate and reply
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RE:CRAMER of the street...comm says BUY..DINES Sprott LIKE QRM

gap up in morning..may hit 80 cents US by friday,,,heavy volume in new york  rate and reply
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CRAMER of the street...comm says BUY..DINES Sprott LIKE QRM

ACCUMULATE WHILE CHEAP,,,,,THE REST WILL BE BUYING HIGHER...news will be fun  rate and reply
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QRM seeing some nice moneyinflow into stock

a badly beaten up sector with sky high energy costs and its only gonna get worse..,,, Qrm is the best possible province to pull out ree;s.....no better mining jurisdiction in the world recall the...read more
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Avalon will be schlepping the ore from NWT to Larochelle,Fra

And the market isexcited by this piece of news.....from the North West Territories to Larochelle ,France?  By UFO will they get it there? And everyone is complaining about QRM getting their ore to...read more
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Since posting this news last night

Quest on the New York Exchange volume is in excess of one million shares to day. For people who have invested in Quest this is huge news! and a very good day as well.  rate and reply