Give it up hrattle, you are a liar a coward and a big time loser, you have been calling for gold to go down for a long time,  below is one of your past posts in 2010 on gold...............GOLD IS KING


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I agree that it is down to semantics.  What you say about gold is absolutely correct - the problem I have is what inference people draw from this.  Buying and selling gold as a "currency" (do you include silver?) is important only in as far as why there are buyers and sellers - and the vast majority of these use gold as a hedge not as "currency" i.e. not to pay down debt.  Gold isn't even an economic investment in this case as it is non-productive.  Non-productive gold demand is under 30% of total demand, although it is up from 25% in 2008 and under 15% in 2007 - this is a trend worth watching since if gold was truly currency there wouldn't have been such a huge increase over 2 years.  And just beware that when these increases reverse it happens far more quickly.

Anyway, we will see how gold fares - my forecast is $800 within 18 months, sooner if we start to see inflation picking up and interest rates rising - jmho.