Perron says: "ramp up cash flow" - yes mine gold for cash cost of $2006/oz (total cost over $2500/oz) whilst selling it for $1600/oz - that will do cash flow a world of hurt.

Perron says: "market says no consequences"  - no Francois the market is saying those companies that lied and squandered their capital to line the pockets of ex-chairman deserve to be in the toilet.

Francois says he is on his second life - he better hope for a third life because he has been a failure in this one.

Kitco doesn't have a great reputation for analysis but choosing Perron as an "expert" on juniors is a joke - literally. Try it! Go up to a mining CEO and say "I was speaking with Francois Perron about...." and they will start laughing before you finish your sentence.