Tampon ...  I do not know the answers to these questions.   I will explain this to you Tampon.  When people ask questions that means that they do not know the answers  and this is why they ask the questions Tampon.  

  You say .......   "   how do you know the agreement is not valid anymore? Are you an insider? How do you know?   "   

  First of all Tampon  I never said  that the agreement is not valid anymore You have to stop your lying Tampon !!  ( caught you again Tampon )  If I said this then copy and paste where I said it or else you are admitting yourself that you are lying once again.  I did not say this at all. Also I will openly admit to everyone on the board here that I am not an insider  Tampon so I answered that question for you..     This is why I ask questions .  That is the difference between a " question " and a " statement " Tampon.   It would be wise for you to look up the definitions of these words in a dictionary to help you understand their meanings and thus possibly make a little sense when you post something on the bullboard.

Like I previously stated Tampon  I would like QIT to come out with a news announcement clarifying everything.   I am sorry for you Tampon that you cannot understand this.   But it is expected that  you wouldn't understand. 

    Stick your other foot down your throat Tampon ....