Once again Tampon ....    here is the chart proving that the stock was higher than .165 cents on the day of the news announcement.    All you have to do is ask anyone else on the board here to explain to you how to read a chart  ( as I know that you do not know how ) and they will let you know that I am speaking the truth Tampon.   


Here is a three day chart to help you understand Tampon. Pre-market on June 5th is when LOT made the news announcement. As all can see ( even you Tampon ) it was higher than what you say. I didn't have many shares ( always start off with small amounts Tampon ) but I sold them at .17 cents as I said. I don't lie like some on this board Tampon. And I use facts ( something you would not know about Tampon ) such as the chart below to prove that the stock traded there that day and what I say is the truth.

But I do have to admit Tampon that you are good for a laugh ! Keep it happening and keep us laughing ....