Got my first QIT today at .175 cents.   Don't know if it was a smart move or not but I figure it has come down from .97 cents in a couple of months so it might be the time to start accumulating.    Bidding a lot more right now all the way down into the low single digits.  You never know what the market is going to do.  Also bought some LAR as they kind of complement each other.   LOT/ QIT ?  is deep and high grade ( expensive to mine )  whereas LAR is pretty decent grades but very shallow  ( cheap to mine ....   open pit  ).   Of course they both have to prove up many more ounces before either will even have a chance at becoming an operational mine.  This of course takes years  but could pay off if you have patience.  Always better to trade .  Never make any money at all until you sell.   A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush etc. ... etc....  QIT will probably hold the stock at a certain price now in order to do a financing and possibly with another little push ( if they have any stroke left at all anymore) .  As always ...  Time will tell.