Just thought I come back to see if anyone is saying anything.....

RoadRunner is that true what you are saying? I believe Poynt did have parties and spent heavy.

Everyone Im Ace not RoadRunner. Im still upset. I did invest with a company that wasnt professional.

Poynt did use creditors loans to live it up as to speak. I guess I called it Misused, pocketed and so on.

I would say in my own words Poynt breached their contracts to have events and parties.

AO is sure getting away with alot of unfit business practices. What a shame. Disguising to say the least.

Int Media runs a good business, Poynt on the other hand ran it like Kindergarten play kids party house that had no real jobs just partied all the time.

Poynt wasnt a Bankrupt company, they lived it up all the way and their money died up, then went into bankruptcy. Reaping what they sow. On our accounts. Greed Greed Greed.