I am yet to see an investor as silly and stupid as you.  You are the "something else" of stupidity and silliness.


You were in the PYN play and lost your money.  Now you have invested in the INT play.  Yes INT (through another entity) is 50% owner of Poynt (and may I say "useless Poynt" with useless patents [just ask Andrew Osis who I believe is busking now]).  


Yes PYN and INT may be a 'match'.  But that 'match' will light the cigar of Socius and then it will be tossed away.  Now wheelsonthebuss, do you need some Imodium?  


Remember what the donkey said:  

The donkey said that the world is unfair.  His bottom is round and he is s hitting square.  


Soon my friend you too will be s hitting square like the donkey