Any comments from Andrew Osis
Any comments from the magical Mr Andrew Osis (Poynt disappeared)
2/4/2013 9:09:27 AM  |  | 62 reads  | Post #32120489

Japat, I think you had better read that again slowly. it is not good news, in fact it is terrible news for you. You are doing the same thing a lot of you people do with INT press releases. You are reading what you want to see and not what has actually been written.  Pay attention to a few of the operative words like "Remember" , "Ex" , "Was" and the big one..."Company sadly did not make it". Spotcast is not about you...It is about what is replacing you by a few of the developers that used to work for Poynt.


"Remember Poynt? Once upon a time, it was everybody's favorite local search app on BlackBerry. Though the company sadly didn't make it in the long haul, a few of the old developers are keeping the spirit alive in a new app called Spotcast. It has a lot of the same stuff you'd come to expect from Poynt - GPS-based search within certain categories of business, plus a smattering of useful related tools, including weather and a tip calculator. The real twist is the social element."