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RE: RE: have you tried POYNTS app..........
2/3/2013 11:59:01 AM  |  | 37 reads  | Post #32118292

The only thing that's changed is Poynt no longer has an obligation to previous share holders and now is semi private. I hope that by DL securing loans with INT's assets the same doesn't happen here. It is a brilliant move to screw the shareholders out of Poynt and could be shaping up the same way with INT as an outsider looking in the similarities are striking and legal.

I bought more again last week I am hoping for the best, one nice run is all that is needed. I recommend doing some research on the Poynt players and what exactly happened, I believe there is more to it than anyone here knows.

big news before tomorrow's open, that's what I betting on, as for making millions on Poynt....don't hold your breath.