You are just something else.  Lots of Poynt investors were drolling on every word spoken by illusionist Andrew Osis.  The very thought that Terren Piezer was involved with the Poynt play (just as he is involved with the INT play) gave everyone a sense of confidence and a positive outlook.


Now Mr JAXass you are now on this board "pumping" your dung about  INT to capture another bunch of investors into the "Titanic"!  I am sure that you would recommend that they bring along a prachutte and not a 'flotation device'.  You guys are something else and certainly more stupid that the Poynt investors (including me).  


Well, I am glad to know that they are investors who are infinately more stupid that me.  Whewwww...  Now I feel a bit better that people like JumpingJAXass are around.  Now I feel like a genius